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Innovative Procedures
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SubMersion (non-traditional) and traditional segmentation methods:

a comparison


               As the world transitions in ever expanding ways, so too are the uses of market research methodologies. People are more dynamic and their behavior is less predictable. In order to stay in step with where people are heading, market research must adapt.

               Population compositions are rapidly evolving. Traditional, more homogeneous communities are being bombarded with new influences; people who look and behave differently than the previous norm. The sensibilities and interest of these new influencers are different too…informed by their
own realities, experiences and penetration into new cultures.

               Segmentation is a very useful market research approach. Traditional segmentation methods have been widely adopted throughout the marketing community. They have been successful in providing a way to organize and learn more about valued consumer segments.

               Unfortunately, important changes are happening within these communities that are bubbling up to influence the whole. Given that many communities grounded in culture + identity are growing in both influence and size at the same time that more traditional populations are stalling, approaches that can capture shifting attitudes and/or lifestyles become increasingly important. As this transition occurs, it is clear that in order for marketers to succeed moving forward, the sub-culture of these communities and their impact on other groups must be understood in greater depth than ever before.


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