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          Ronald E. Franklin, President of Nsights Worldwide, has nearly 30 years in

marketing and marketing research and is a graduate of the University of California

at Los Angeles with a B.A. in mathematics and economics. Franklin also received a

Master’s degree in Management from the UCLA Graduate School of Management.

          Franklin began his career at the Quaker Oats Company in Chicago as the Research Analyst for Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix and Syrup.  While there, he was involved in the development of the Aunt Jemima Lite Pancake Mix and Syrup. Franklin then went to a Chicago-based agency specializing in targeting African-American consumers. Franklin enhanced the agency’s research department and developed an information center as vice president, Director of Research Services.

          Franklin’s career broadened when he joined Don Coleman & Associates, now GlobalHue, where he directed Strategic Research and then went on to establish Account Planning (African American, Hispanic & Asian) for the agency. He initiated a partnership that resulted in the development of the 1999 & 2001 African American Monitor with Yankelovich & Partners. This cutting edge research well-defined consumers with an urban mindset attitude which is driven by younger Hispanics and African Americans. These early adopters set the pace for trends and are the major crossover influencers in America today.  This research was the first to identify that the urban mindset is multi cultural and is the attitude /psychographic force behind trends that arise in the inner city and then prove to have strong influences on the broader marketplace.

          Target Market News selected Franklin as the recipient of “Research Executive of the Year” for the 2006 marketing to African-Americans with Excellence (MAAX) Awards®. The MAAX Awards are presented annually to recognize the contributions, innovations and exceptional performance of African-American professionals in the fields of marketing, advertising, media and consumer research.

          Franklin is a member of the Adcraft Club of Detroit, the American Advertising Federation, The Account Planning Group-United States, Nielsen Media Research African American Advisory Council, The UCLA Alumni Association, and in August 2008 was elected to the Board of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).  He also has a NMBDC Minority Certification.


NSights Worldwide Sales 





* Local Marketing Urban Tracking Report

* Culturalgraphic Mobile Research

* Linear Programming Test  & Control Market Selection Process

* Need-State Positioning Process

* Special Assistance Marketing Program  (S.A.M.P)

*Multicultural Attitude Study





1. Literature Searches

2. Article Retrieval

3. Comparative Analysis (Review of Ads/Adv)

4. Census Data Retrieval


1. Product/Brand Usage

2. Household Penetration

3.Demographic Profiles of Users/Non Users

4. Volume Contribution



1. Tracking Studies

2. Pre and Post Test Evaluation

3. Selection of Test & Control Market

4. Advertising/Product Concept Test

5. Advertising Development

6. Ethnographic Research

7. Group Discussions (Focus Group)

8. One-on-one Interviews



1. Address Based Sampling


 NSights Worldwide Surveys


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