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          Our philosophy is to know our clients business well enough to provide

Multicultural Marketing Research Services that  encourage greater focus and clarity

on the issues that  leads to a meaningful resolution. NSightsWorldwide specializes

in providing research services for clients interested in the ‘Undiscovered’

Multicultural Universe.

          African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics represent more than $1

trillion in combined money income and growing. 



Service Narrative:


          NSW is a full service international global market research firm providing a full

platform of services to businesses and consumers in the area of quantitative and

qualitative research throughout the U.S., Europe Central and South American and

the Asian Pacific. At NSW, we provide strategic research consulting, data gathering,

programing and analysis specializing in multi-cultural population segments.


          Our national and worldwide reach now allows NSW to conduct multi-

countries studies in Europe Latin America and Asia. On all of our research studies,

we employ the latest best research practices in all phases of research design,

statistical analysis, interactive, and online research.  NSW has access to vast variety

of U.S. and international online panels which allows NSW to provide our clients

with quick and accurate data results on time and on budget.


           NSW has extensive experience in the area of customize segmentation studies.

We have developed our own proprietary algorithm and multivariable methodology

which enables our research outcomes to be developed and drive cultural insights and

nuances to its minute level. We go beyond the obvious to the obscure. Whether

conducting research on a nationwide or worldwide level, our research strategy is

designed to aid in facilitating marketing decision makers.


          NSW has extensive experience in: automotive, computers/hi-tech,

online research, publishing, fragrance/cosmetics, product/concept evaluation,

travel and tourism, pharmaceutical and healthcare, business-to-business,

airlines, advertising research and many other categories.


Field management:


          NSW has a well experience field management team with over 2 decades of the

successful execution of challenging studies. Throughout the years we have

developed exemplary and enviable reputation within the field of marketing research

both nationally and internationally of outstanding field supervision and service. We

pay attention and plan every detail as well as achieving measurable milestones that

assist us in staying on course employing sound research practices. With this kind of

reputation our clients can be assured whether conducting a national multi-city

qualitative research study or a multi-country quantitative study our goal will be to

meet and exceed our client’s desired outcome. 

NSights Worldwide Growth 



NSights Worldwide Marketing 




Advantages of working with NsightsWorldwide

(1)  Many years of experience in the multicultural arena.

(2)  Network to provide contemporary qualitative and quantitative information with global capabilities.


* Community connect Inc. (CCI)

* Black Planet

* MiGente

* Asian Avenue

(3)   On-line group discussions.


(4)   On-line creative development research/copy testing.

(5)   Facilitate qualitative research  (group discussions, triads, one-on-ones, ethnographies) in any language  among any culture utilizing the best moderators.

(6)   Planners provide leveragable insights to ‘jumpstart’ the strategic process.


NSights Worldwide Marketing  



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